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Master your Brown & Black Belt Master your Green & Blue Belt
Master your Brown & Black BeltMaster your Green & Blue Belt


MASTER YOUR GREEN & BLUE BELT In this second tape of the Koshiki Contact Karate Fighting Series, Six Time World Koshiki Champion Michel Laurin teaches you the skills you need to achieve your Green and Blue Belt in Shorinjiryu Shindo Karate.



Master your Yellow & Orange Belt The Ninong
Master your Yellow & Orange BeltThe Ninong

MASTER YOUR YELLOW & ORANGE BELT In this dynamic tape, 6 time World Hanshi Contact Karate Champion Michel Laurin personally teaches you to master your skills as Yellow and Orange Belt in Shorinjiryu Karate.

The NINONG Theatrical Trailer The lives of two best friends are shattered when the women they love died in a tragic accident in the Philippines. One year later, they get a strange phone call leading them to discover the man who is responsible for...