The Ninong

The NINONG                             Theatrical Trailer

The lives of two best friends are shattered when the women they love died in a tragic accident in the Philippines. One year later, they get a strange phone call leading them to discover the man who is responsible for their loss. They call him Ninong, an exclusive criminal protected by politicians and corrupt law enforcement. Mike Pilon (6 time karate world champion Michael Laurin) and John Brown (Eric Gable) will engage in a dangerous journey into the exotic islands of the Philippines, tracking the untouchable Ninong (Dominic Keating, Star Trek: Enterprise).

The Ninong displays Michael's first collaborative work as an actor, producer and writer. Shot entirely on location on the Island Garden City Of Samal (IGaCoS) in Philippines, the film's production value shines far above other independent films. Having written the script somewhere around ten years before its production, Michael plays an average man whom is married to a beautiful and mysterious young woman with a hidden past. When her past catches up with her, Mike Pilon (Laurin) must defend her honor, armed only with his powerful skills and the undying love of his lost wife. Michael included many true stories and actual events from his days as a travelling world champion of martial arts in the script, giving the film a pseudo- reflection of his own life.

The Ninong
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